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Fight Lung Infections & Make Your Central AC System Run More Efficiently. It's A Sensible Investment In Your Home!

UV light Kit

kill airborne nasties

5x Times as bad

Homeowners are beginning to wake up to the fact that indoor pollution is 5x more prevalent than outside the home.

mold & bacteria

This shocking statistic is largely due to mold and bacterial build up on evaporator coils over time.

viruses & allergens

However, it does not stop there: Viruses and allergens also gestate over the coil, contaminating air that flows over it on its way to various duct systems that connect to the rooms in your house.

lung infections

This means your entire family is susceptible to lung infections that stem from particulates, chemical agents and biological nasties. There are long-term health consequences to NOT tackling this health issue for your family!

air filters

Air filters only capture the particulates (roughly 1/3 of the airborne contaminants) which circulate through your home.

odors & toxicity

Thus, as you cook dinner, watch TV or sleep. VOCs present in air may cause strange odors as well as being potentially toxic.

homeowners say:

On one of the recent service calls attached to my maintenance contract, a tech showed me the filth that had built up on the coil. Getting a UV light put my mind at ease that I was tackling this problem!
Toni Peterson
I am very sensitive to allergens and pollutants in the air. A recent home purchase had me coughing all the time. I immediately ordered the UV lights to kill the bacterial buildup. It's not perfect but things are much better now! I recommend them!
Mike Bradley-Perrin
Featured UV Light
UV light For HVAC air quality


Not only that, but experts estimate that a biofilm of only 0.0002” can reduce the efficiency of your unit by 37% which means you are losing money each month by not tackling the problem.


The solution lies in installing one of the most popular residential UV lights in the world that returns indoor air quality to safe levels.

Featuring a heavy duty water resistant power supply, it’s perfect for both furnaces and cooling air handler systems.

In essence, it offers the ultimate piece of mind in helping keep your air breathable and safe for you and your family!

UV Lights

see the light

Getting a UV light mounted on your air handler is really no brainer.  Consider these final points:

  • 99.9% sterilization of AC coil & drain pain
  • Kills biological growth, bacteria, mold and viruses
  • Reduces system maintenance
  • Reduces dirty sock syndrome
  • Improves the indoor quality of your home

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