Blower Fan Motor

Blower Fan Motor

The blower fan motor forms part of the air handler assembly situated inside a home and tasked with circulating air over the evaporator coils.  Specifically, the Air Handler utilizes the blower fan motor to draw air through the return vent and blow it past the evaporator coils thereby forcing the air through the house venting system.  

Blower fan Operations

The room air is then drawn back through return and the flow cycle continues. Once room air has cooled enough the wall thermostat signals the circulation blower fan and condensing unit to turn off until the room temperature increases.

A fan or blower circulates air over the evaporator dispersing the chilled air. The blower fan can run at several speeds.  Generally, when heating a room lower speeds are used. When cooler air is required then higher speeds are activated.    If the blower motor becomes noisy it may be due to a loose screw causing a wobble effect with ancillary noise vibrations. An Air Pros service technician can help fix this or other issues related to your blower fan motor.  We can also easily replace the parts if so required. 

the furnace is heating and higher speeds are used for air conditioning if the circulation blower fan becomes noisy during use the set screw on the blower wheel may have loosened causing the wheel to wobble on the motor shaft you can fix this problem by tightening or replacing the screw or replacing the blower wheel altogether 

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