AC Repair

AC Repair

Repair AC services for homeowners in South Florida usually revolves around three key symptomatic issues that point to deeper problems with the indoor and outdoor assemblies:   Units blowing warm air, frozen AC units, units leaking Freon or water. While several other problems may arise in the life of a central air unit, the above account for nearly 80% of our service calls on a daily basis.

Tackling these Repair AC issues means running diagnostics on several parts of the central air conditioning unit including evaporator, blower, condenser, compressor, fan motor, filter and thermostat.

Repairing AC Units Blowing Warm Air

Probably the number one reason for residential customers call an HVAC contractor and subject our recent billboard campaign “We’ll Make It Blow Harder!”.  It was also covered in a recent article on our site entitled “Why is my Central AC blowing warm air”.

Usually the problems lie with the outside compressor where outside debris and dirty, has collected over the manifest and housing to affect air emission. Removing this dirt may solve the issue otherwise our teams digs into general wiring and internal circuitry. 

Indoors, we also inspect coils and air filters to see if any dust or dirt build up is restricting air flow.   Other areas worth consideration are low refrigerant and electrical issues.

Repair Frozen Air Conditioning Systems

Poor air flow and low refrigerant pressure may be the culprits. However, a missing or faulty float switch may also be a suspect, one of the reasons we sometimes suggest installing a secondary switch with an auxiliary evaporator pan to capture excess water leaking out the unit. 

Repairing Leaking AC Units

This annoying issue may be caused by a blocked drain line or missing float switch described above.  A frozen evaporator could lead to ice build-up on the evaporator coil. However, it’s usually the backup of water and algae preventing drainage which are the main protagonists.  Common Repair AC suggestions for this issue include but are not limited to a drain line flush out as part of a broader system detox. 

Repair AC Financing

Many homeowners are unaware that we also offer limited financing options to make AC repairs more affordable.   We also offer summer specials or tune ups which are designed to keep normally functioning central air conditioners running smoothly.   A free service call with repair is available for local residents in Coral Springs, Davie, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Ocala and The Villages.   10% discounts on any repair is available when clients sign up for annual preventive maintenance, making this an attractive option too. 

Who Should Perform Diagnostics & Repair an AC Unit?

Only a licensed and bonded HVAC contractor with NATE certified technicians should repair AC units, including spit air systems from Trane, Rheem and Goodman. While we hope you choose Air Pros to repair your AC system, we suggest you follow these guidelines outlined in our HVAC survival guide to choose the right contractor for the job

AC Repair & Home Comfort

While repairing your air conditioning unit may solve the short-term problem, the bigger picture is the type of indoor environmental system you would like to craft and maintain for your family.   To help you attain this high level of home comfort means we have to focus on state-of-the-art safety equipment, ask the right questions above your lifestyle needs and provide the right service options for you.  This suggests we need to build a long-term relationship with our clients in order to help them reach their goals.  It is also the rationale behind our preventive maintenance plans mentioned below.

AC Repair & Home Comfort

We stress that repairing AC units is a symptomatic approach. A far better solution to restrict AC repairs would be to sign up for an annual preventive maintenance plan and twice-yearly inspections to keep the unit operating efficiently. This also gives you 10% off any repair, priority assignment in our scheduling system and the ability to pursue energy savings that may amount to up to 20% if you follow our HVAC repair guidelines.

Replace or Repair AC?

If you have done your homework you know that the EPA recommends replacing your AC if it’s over 10 years old. In fact, even eight-year old systems often require extensive AC repair work. In these cases, Air Pros can help determine if it’s no longer worthwhile to repair AC but rather purchase and install a new unit. This is especially true if the unit needs frequent AC repairs, makes a lot of noise or has a low score on the EPA’s home assessment. In this case, Air Pros offers zero cash down financing and up to $500 off new units for customers in certain areas.

New AC Unit - Install & Repair

Do I Really Need To Replace My Central AC?