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HVAC Survival Guide: Ask The Right Questions To Get The Best AC Repair & Install Company for the job!

At #Air Pros we try to hold ourselves to a higher standard when it comes both installing and repairing AC units.  This means following industry standards and closely listening to the needs of our customers.

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If you are currently researching a quality Air Conditioning Repair & AC Install company in Davie, Fort Lauderdale, Delray Beach, Boca Raton or Delray, then you have probably picked up the differing levels of quality, expertise and service level agreements when it comes to this tricky task.

 To help you make the right choice – especially during Florida’s hottest summer months – we have put together a 6-point checklist  of questions you need to ask ANY air con company, not just Air Pros! 


 They will help you pinpoint the right AC repair or install company for your needs.  We do of course hope you choose us, but we want your decision to be informed and these points will help you


1.Are They HVAC Pros?

By this mean, we mean are they NATE certified, a key industry standard for evaluating and scoring an air conditioning service technician in South Florida. This is a baseline certification that offers additional certification opportunities for HVAC engineers and ensure when an AC company hires a tech, they hire RIGHT. If you don’t see this certification listed on their website, then be cautious!

2. What training and education programs are available in-house to AC repair service techs?2

Let’s face it, an AC unit compromising of compressors, fan motors, capacitors, drip pans and air flow ducts is a complex orchestration of parts to keep a home or commercial business nice and cool. Plus, the technology is constantly evolving as we move towards a smart home and intelligent cooling systems, including Nest thermostats.  

Without constant re-skilling, retraining and internal quality control tests, an HVAC contractor’s ability to offer both professional quality services at affordable pricing, becomes almost impossible. One thing we hate at #AirPros is call backs from customers. Not because we don’t want to correct the issue but because we want to make sure the job is done right the FIRST time.   

In order in achieve this, we carefully test our engineer skills on a regular basis which includes breaking down and rebuilding units in our engineering facility, so they become TOP GUN in fast, reliable AC repair. We like to think we have leadership position in educating, training and upskilling our AC service technicians.  Make sure any company you hire displays this approach too.

3. Are the Air Conditioning company’s customers loyal – do they get referrals?

For hundreds of years, businesses in all sectors of America rely on word of mouth and of course customer reviews to confirm higher standards in quality of AC service work, turnaround times, professionalism and affordability.   

Air Pros is no different. 

We have worked extremely hard to build a loyal following of customers in Miami, Davie, Parkland, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Delray Beach, Pompano, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, and West Palm Beach. We mention all these locations because over we have accumulated a fanatical legion of followers who enjoy scheduling AC services with a company striving to be the best in South Florida. 

This is reflected in our referrals and feedback you come across in your research.  You should always ask for AC customer testimonials to get a feel for the type of company and brand they are building.  These local references will give you piece of mind knowing you have chosen a solid HVAC company to help repair, maintain or install a new AC unit. 

4. What kind of HVAC service agreements – if any – do they offer?

This is such an important question.  A good HVAC contractor not only offers once-off AC repairs built off an initial estimate which you sign off upon before work starts. The Air Conditioning company should offer annual preventive maintenance plans to keep both aging and new AC unit running more efficiently for longer periods. This focus on value shows a client that the HVAC contractor values prevention over cure.  

Nobody likes calling in an AC company for a broken unit or an air conditioning unit that is blowing warm air.  It is annoying, frustrating and can sometimes be costly. By offering annual inspections, Air Pros can stop problems in their tracks, not only saving you cash but also making you a loyal long-term customer in the process. 


5. Is the HVAC contractor properly licensed?

It’s quite simple, really:

Ask for proof that the Floridian AC service company is properly and correctly licensed. Remember, these licenses differ from state to state, area to area, so if you have just moved to an area near Fort Lauderdale, Davie, Parkland or Pompano pay careful consideration to this point. 

And, yes, Air Pros is properly licensed. You will see AC license number listed on the site and you may request it by email or phone at any point.

Here it is again, just in case:  Air Pros, Licensed Bonded & Insured #CAC1819010


6. Does the air conditioning repair & install company follow industry best practices and standards in South Florida?

While Florida can be heaven to live in, it is also filled with a few, nefarious operators. 

 Thankfully they ARE few and far between.  

However, to ensure you receive excellent AC service ask the HVAC company if they know what “Manual J” and “Quality Installation” are.   These standards offer another fail-safe way to keep AC repair companies,  including Air Pros, in check. 


Let's recap the above!

Nate Certified

Only work with pros. What are their base certifications for service techs?


Do they level up their skill sets for service techs? In an evolving HVAC industry this is critical

AC Customer Referrals

Check their online reviews and testimonials. Speak to friends. Educate yourself!

Doug Perera - service tech Ac - small

Service Level Agreements

From professional estimates to annual inspections plans, these agreements show their character.


Air Pros is #CAC1819010. Ask other HVAC contractors what their's is. 

Best Practices

The top HVAC contractors will be committed to following industry standards. Double check this point!

How To Choose The Best Air Conditioning Company for your AC Service

Watch this short, educational video which gives you a list of action items to look for in your HVAC search. We know how worrisome it can be when your AC unit breaks down or starts blowing warm air.  By arming yourself with knowledge you can sleep peacefully knowing you chose the right AC contractor. 

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