Video: Winter Months See Spike in Clothes Dryer Fires

Caution - Clothes Dryer Fire - Duct

Caution! If your clothes are taking long to dry or your laundry room feels warmer than usual, it could be precursor warning signs of an imminent and dangerous dryer fire.  These fires not only lead to extensive property damage but also result in several deaths annually in the United States. 

Vents dangerously overloaded with Lint are the leading cause of dryer fires which can be prevented by following a few key steps including:

  • Regularly Clean behind dryer where lint builds up
  • Check and clean dryer vents at least once per year
  • Remove back of dryer and vacuum every 2 years

We offer several dryer & duct cleaning services which can help STOP dryer fires before they start, keeping your family safe while also improving energy efficiencies in your home. One of our top offerings is a Platinum Dryer Vent & Duct Sanitation product that not only sucks & cleans your dryer vents but also targets the entire Air Duct System in your home. This package employs the #BEAST, one of the most powerful suction & cleaning machines in the HVAC sector.

Duct & Dryer Cleaning Services

Keep your family safe and your ducts clean during winter! Call the pros to suck your ducts!

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We offer same-day repair, install and maintenance services near you. We put a strong focus on quality workmanship and reasonable pricing. We hope to build a long-term relationship with our customers and help lower utility bills by up to 20% via our best-in-class HVAC preventive maintenance plans. In addition to priority scheduling you receive 10% off any repair.

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