Press Release: Air Pros Offers FREE Annual Preventive Maintenance Programs To Active Duty Military Veterans, Police, Fireman, EMTs & First Responders

Free Maintenance Contract For Military Vets and First Responders
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If You're a First Responder (Fireman, Police & EMTs), Military Veteran or Active Service Member, then you qualify for a FREE AC preventive maintenance contract. Must sign up online to qualify.
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Davie, FL. Oct 7, 2018:  Air Pros is proud to announce a local community initiative that offers all retired first responders (Fireman, Police & EMTs) PLUS any military veterans and Active Service Members a free 1-year Annual Preventive Maintenance Plan to offset the annual running costs of a home central Air Conditioning System  in Broward County,  Palm Beach Country, and Marion County.

 “This is small reflection of our gratitude to the brave men and women who served our local communities at home – or in distant lands –  where they put their life in harm’s way.  As a central ac system ages, it accrues costs, wear and tear.  If we can keep their family cooler,  while also easing their financial burden, then it helps bring our communities closer together over the long term,” Said Anthony Perera, CEO, Air Pros.

 In order to qualify for the annual discounts – which exceeds $200 in value – All Veterans, Military Members or First Responders  will be required to Sign up online ( At Not Cost) at and schedule their first service within 30 days of signing up.  See the sign up button further above to begin. 

 Air Pros estimates that around 30-40% of Floridian’s annual utility bill goes towards cooling air systems, a large sum of money which can be mitigated by a reliable, robust preventative maintenance plan which stops issues before they start including clogged drain lines, units becoming frozen, or the most common issue of all, units blowing warm air.

 “By offering this annual service plan (free for one year) to our police, fireman and military veterans, we remove one small headache from their home environment and allow their families to enjoy piece of mind as they live out their daily lives. We all personally have friends and family in service of our country and I feel it’s the right thing to do,” said Mr. Perera.

 The two annual inspections offer these brave men and women priority assignment in the scheduling queue and discounts on any new parts required for a repair.   The free one contract will also benefit members whose units are 8-years-old (or above) since most critical issues with air handling systems arise at this point in time.

 Specifically, the HVAC service will offer veterans and first responders these benefits describef below


AC Preventive Maintenance

Sign up for two annual visits from our HVAC technicians to check, clean and adjust your AC unit, including split air systems in residential properties.  Over 90% of our clients sign up for these preventive maintenance contracts to STOP issues before they occur.   This is especially important for aging AC units which are susceptible to malfunction during the Hot Summer months.

  • Two system check ups per year
  • We check & switch out dirty filters
  • We Check Your Freon
  • We blow out your drain lines
  • We check compressor amperage
  • We analyze air flows on motor
  • We check indoor air quality
  • We check for allergens
  • We check thermostat and settings
Preventive Maintenance With Air Pros

improved aC Effeciency

Optimize your AC unit to use less energy while elevating performance

lower utility bills

You work hard for your money, so allow us to discover and correct issues before they happen.

You Deserve Cold Clean Air - Air Pros

Extended AC equipment life

Your AC unit should last several years, possibly 12 if well looked after


One of the benefits of our AC preventive maintenance plans is we put you FIRST. Fast, reliable same-day service.


If You're a First Responder (Fireman, Police & EMTs), Military Veteran or Active Service Member, then you qualify for a FREE AC preventive maintenance contract. Must sign up online to qualify.
special offer

Do You Need Any Air Conditioning Services For Your Home

We offer same-day repair, install and maintenance services near you. We put a strong focus on quality workmanship and reasonable pricing. We hope to build a long-term relationship with our customers and help lower utility bills by up to 20% via our best-in-class HVAC preventive maintenance plans. In addition to priority scheduling you receive 10% off any repair.

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