Welcome to the future of Duct Cleaning

The Beastmaster takes Air Pros to a new level in duct cleaning services.  This rotobrush spins and sucks up all that nasty debris, dirt, mold, bacteria and other buildup in your air ventilation shafts.   

Rotorbrush Duct Cleaning Special

Loosens Dirt & Mold

The accelerated spin cycle quickly loosens dirt and debris, allowing the vacuum to easily scoop up dirt

Sucks Up Debris

These outsized beasts offer a 90% increase in vacuum power, removing even the heaviest dirt and mold build up in residential properties

450 RPM Spin Cyle

With an additional 15 feet of hose we can tackle any duct work while a rotating brush rotates at 450 rpm. Dirt has no chance against these machines.

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