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We respond quickly and efficiently to unexpected AC Unit breakdowns in Miami Dade, Broward County and West Palm Beach.  This includes, but is not limited too refrigerant leaks, circuit board & thermostat replacements, blown fuses/relays or issues with capacitors, compressors, evaporators, fan units and condensing units. We do it all and also provide full system check ups as part of our preventive maintenance plans.

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Common AC Repair Requests

Your home air conditioning unit is a marvelous array of condenser coils, compressors, electrical components and fans; some inside, some outside.   The evaporators, refrigeration lines and air tunnels (or ducts) all intricately work together to cool your home.   Our AC service techs are on standby to fix any issue relating to this cooling system, quickly and efficiently.     Below are some issues we fix on a daily basis.

How Home AC Works

Compressor Repair

The compressor is the heart of the air conditioning unit in common split air AC systems found in many homes. It work’s hard to circulate refrigerants necessary for heat exchange through coils in indoor and outdoor units. Any failure on it’s part will terminate your cool, cold air. Too little or too much refrigerant can disrupt the compressor energy flows affecting air temperature. We can carefully diagnose and issues and get your AC unit back to optimal health.

Faulty Circuit Boards

In South Florida, we are prone to power surges which may disrupt or disable parts of your circuit board. Our service techs can run diagnostics and replace any fuses, circuit breakers or relays or relays if need be. In many cases, it's a simple fix; in other's we need to determine whether additional influences are impacting the electrical circuitry.

Capacitor Problems

A faulty capacitor will affect the motors that power compressors. Both motor activation and motor running will be severely impacted if the capacitor is worn out.

We can quickly isolate any issues and return the air conditioning unit to a balanced state of affairs

Dirty AC Condensors

Dirty condensers outside the compressor will also affect the optimal flow of air through your home. We suggest cleaning these once per with one of our approved chemical cleaners. A full diagnostics will determine if your condensers are faulty

Refrigerant Leak Detection

If your air conditioning unit is no longer cooling yet the fans are still flowing, chances are you have a refrigerant leak. Our techs will detect and repair any cracks or leaks which are siphoning off refrigerant and get your home back to optimal, cool, fresh air.

This is one of the most common service tech calls we receive each days and these issues are entirely preventable with regular system maintenance.

Thermostat Replacment

While home AC thermostats are extremely reliable when it comes to regulating internal temperatures in a residence, they do sometimes falter leading to fluctuations in air temperature. Hot one minute; cold the next! Our techs will determine if you have an outdated model which needs upgrading or whether the newer digital unit is malfunctioning.

Worn Out Contactors

These reside inside the compressor, blower motor and condenser fan motors allowing an electrical connection that starts both the motor and compressor. Any issues will effect the electrical current and motor activation. Our service techs will quickly work out the best course of action to correct any contractor issues.

Clogged or Dirty Filters

Did you know that dirty filters may cause your AC to freeze? Generally, any failure to regularly replace them will reduce the flow of issues and gradually cause issues with your unit.

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Prevent issues before they start

Sign up for our preventive maintenance program which sends one of our service tech pros to your home twice a year to ensure a bulletproof air conditioning system that will save you thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your AC unit. It’s the smartest way to avoid problems BEFORE they start. We are a Pinkerton-approved AC repair and install company with an impeccable record. You will be extremely happy with our service

AC preventive maintenance
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Hands down the best service I have ever had. Came out within an hour which was amazing !! And had parts on the truck . Doug and Jonathan were extremely professional and courteous to my family's needs . Went way above meeting our expectations. Jonathan and Doug also told me about what's called a (time delay breaker) which I had no idea about. That's when a power surge hits and it will help save the air conditioning unit unit. Totally awesome !!!!
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"Two Massive Thumbs Up.I trust these guys."

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Air Pros was founded on the premise of Integrity, Reliability, and putting our customers first.  We strive to build long lasting relationships with each and every customer we service.   We know the fear and frustration that builds up when your Air Conditioning stops working and our goal is to be the Company you can Trust to treat you with fairness and honesty.  Our service techs and install teams are trained your solve any problem effectively and efficiently on the FIRST visit.  From new installs to simple repairs, Air Pros does it all!  I will always be available to solve any customer issue and ensure that your experience with my team always exceeds your expectation.  100% Customer Satisfaction is what we strive for! 
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