AIr Pros Referral Program

earn $100 when a friend buys a new ac unt.

When you friend buys and mentions your name we will pay you $100. Plus, your friend gets $450 off a central new unit. It's a win-win for both you of you. Refer as many friends as you want but read the terms and conditions below,

How To Earn Your $100 Referral Fee

The following four conditions are mandatory for you to earn the $100 Referral Fee.

new customers only

Your friend cannot be an existing customer of Air Pros. He or she must be a NEW customer and not in our database.


Your friend MUST call the number in red below page to begin his purchase journey and ultimately buy from us. No other number can be used.

only central ac units

Remember, we only install new CENTRAL ac units. Not wall units. These are the units that have an air handler and compressor.

must purchase an ac unit

Your friend MUST purchase a new AC unit. There is no other way for your earn the $100. Your friend will get $450 off a new AC because you referred him. See further below!

must mention your name

Your friend MUST mention your name at the time of purchase or you will not earn $100. As long as they mention your name you get $100

HVAC thumbs Up

(844) 248-4014

Tell your friend they get an automatic $450 discount on any new ac unit because you referred them. they must call the number above!

This offer allows you give great value to your friend and to spur them into action. Everyone wins!!! Make sure you friend needs a new Central AC – not a wall unit – we don’t install those! 

Air Pros Referral Program

  • Your Details

  • Your Friend's Details

    This is your friend or homeowner who you believe would be interested in purchasing a new AC unit. Because you refer them they get $450 off a new unit. Remember to change the text in the offer box blow including your friend's name and yours. Feel free to rewrite it if you wish. It's just to get you started!
  • Suggested Text For Offer Field Below...

    Hi {Your Friends Name}, You won't believe this! Air Pros a local air conditioning company is offering homeowners $450 off brand new Central AC Unit. I immediately thought of you! You only get this discount if you mention my name at the time of purchase. I think it's such a great deal! You have to can only call the following phone number to quality but I don't know how long this will las to quickly! Shout if you have questions!
  • Make sure you are clear about the fact that your friend will get a $450 discount if he calls on the number (844) 248-4014. He must mention your name at purchase in order for you to claim your $100!
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